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For some reason,

This photo has been cracking me up all day...

Mr. Melodrama will turn 13 in July, and in honor of his passage out of childhood, I want to make him a necklace. Something that contains stones, beads, buttons, anything that reminds someone of him, to remind him that even though he is a teenager and will sometimes feel alone and isolated, he is not alone, that there are many people that care about him.

If anyone would like to do this with me, I would appreciate it, as I think that the more objects, the better, within reason of course. :)

His favorite color is red and he really likes turtles and crabs, and most stones no matter the color. The object doesn't really matter, but I would prefer that it have a hole or be easily contained so that it can be strung on a cord.

Anyway, if you would like to do this with me, please leave me a response here and I will try to find some way to get with you and pick up the objects before his birthday.

Thank you!

It's Ash Wednesday

Which means that we will be watching Evil Dead and Evil Dead II this evening. :)

OMG yummy!

Strawberry Irish Cream. Bought it on a whim because I had never seen it before. Now I am sorry that I only bought one. Hope they are open tomorrow and still have some.


Stupid, broken furnace

Hey, lilia_blackbear and druidevo, remember how grmrefr and I were mentioning that our furnace had been working fine for a couple of weeks (and I mentioned that I had probably jinxed it by saying that)?

Well, guess what?! During the night, it started up with the awful burning smell again, and it has happened every time we have turned it on today, too. One of these days I will learn to just keep my big mouth shut!

Something pretty cool

It makes me feel humble and insignificant...


I give the fuck up...

I was awakened at 1:40 this morning by the overwhelmingly acrid smell of burning plastic. After shuffling down the hall and asking
grmrefr about the smell, we both went downstairs to investigate. Fearing that the house was on fire somewhere, we searched every room of the house and the basement and finally determined that the source of the awful stench was the furnace.

We shut it off and after about an hour, the smell had dissipated from the house and at a little after 3:00, we went back to bed.

We decided to try the furnace again this morning as it was only 54 degrees in here when I woke up at 8:00, and the smell came back within just a few minutes, so the furnace was shut off again and the internets were consulted.

Turns out that most likely the blower motor is going out on the 25 year old furnace. Just great. So now on top of everything else, we have no heat.

My son

My son ate canned carrots tonight for the first time in his life.

He did not approve.


Recipe typos can be fun

I was reading a recipe for pumpkin pie that I found on the internet and it said that when the pie was done, the center would juggle slightly. Juggle? Really? I have never seen a pie juggle! I may have to make this one just to experience that. :)


WDF, I know you have been having a great time visiting me the past several nights, but I wanted to let you know that any time you use my husband to kill off my cats and keep me from my son in such a way that I wake up in tears and unable to go back to sleep is officially Not Cool.